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Tomas Strong
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Inscription : 14 Septembre 2014, 09:40
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Mon ex- et néanmoins sans doute future corpo fait joujou à prendre de la sov en mode semi-indépendant dans le nord de Fountain, ce qui semble énerver les résidents.

Bei ArtJay & Devian Chase = les gentils attaquants.
Taking the Initiative = autre gars de TC (ou alt ? J'ai oublié)

1 ISK à qui devine qui est le riverain pas content de nos pratiques.

[21:15:32] Soul Asassin > u always lie
[21:15:36] Bei ArtJay > k
[21:15:42] Soul Asassin > common pathological liars
[21:15:53] Soul Asassin > come fatty, bring ur cerbs
[21:22:03] Devian Chase > 2 late bois
[21:22:15] Devian Chase > everyone has gone to bed already
[21:22:24] Soul Asassin > chicken
[21:22:31] Xix Zero > pos shootin time
[21:22:47] Devian Chase > the pos deserves it
[21:22:54] Devian Chase > its been naughty
[21:22:58] Soul Asassin > <url=showinfo:1373//1537102594>Devian Chase</url> go to sleep fatty
[21:23:04] Xix Zero > we know.. diry dirty pos..
[21:28:25] Soul Asassin > <url=showinfo:1380//1537102594>Devian Chase</url> what, your guys go raid the fridge again
[21:29:44] Devian Chase > ?
[21:30:06] Soul Asassin > u know what i mean
[21:30:35] Devian Chase > dat is een btje gemeen ;(
[21:30:52] Soul Asassin > do i look like i care
[21:31:23] Soul Asassin > go back to yoru sov
[21:31:26] Soul Asassin > *your
[21:31:45] Soul Asassin > we don't like liars and fatties here
[21:31:54] Devian Chase > i think you do not understand how this works ^^ you dont tell us shit
[21:31:57] Soul Asassin > go raid your fridges in your space
[21:32:03] Devian Chase > if we want this sov as well we take it
[21:32:11] Devian Chase > or just bore you out of it
[21:32:20] Soul Asassin > hahaha
[21:32:26] Soul Asassin > glad u think so
[21:32:29] Soul Asassin > fatty
[21:32:32] Taking The Initiative > I have 0 interest in the sov
[21:32:41] Taking The Initiative > i just like pressing the content button
[21:32:45] Soul Asassin > <url=showinfo:1373//96292704>Taking The Initiative</url> ur one and the same
[21:33:07] Devian Chase > ofc :)
[21:33:19] Soul Asassin > i don't believe anything you blimps say
[21:33:57] Devian Chase > well judge us by our actions then ..
[21:34:05] Soul Asassin > more lies
[21:34:15] Devian Chase > here we are in this system for like a few weeks mby
[21:34:19] Devian Chase > and you cant do shit
[21:34:26] Soul Asassin > reported
[21:34:56] Soul Asassin > ah shame fatty, at least i don't perm raid fridge mr. blimpy
[21:35:11] Devian Chase > ?
[21:35:25] Devian Chase > bro you are talking strange things :)
[21:35:54] Soul Asassin > things u cannot understand, wow, had no idea u were also that stupid
[21:36:01] Devian Chase > i suppose thats your thing tho talking ..
[21:36:09] Devian Chase > sure as hell aint flying spaceships :)
[21:36:14] Soul Asassin > hahahaha
[21:36:19] Soul Asassin > neither yours
[21:36:31] Soul Asassin > u run when we bring something to fight you
[21:36:42] Devian Chase > ofc :)
[21:36:46] Devian Chase > bc you are scary
[21:36:51] Soul Asassin > you can't brawl, you can't fight, you're too fat
[21:37:12] Devian Chase > well not that fat .. i mean we can still run from you ;)
[21:37:32] Devian Chase > and we are getting fat of your moon go ;)
[21:37:40] Soul Asassin > when you actually speak any form of honesty, i will listen, until then, all i here from you fatties is lies
[21:37:54] Devian Chase > i am
[21:38:00] Devian Chase > i'm a liar and a thief
[21:38:09] Devian Chase > and thats why i win at eve
[21:38:18] Soul Asassin > i wonder how long u were in jail for then
[21:38:32] Soul Asassin > im not talking about eve
[21:38:34] Soul Asassin > lol
[21:38:39] Devian Chase > get out of jailcard for free boi
[21:38:51] Soul Asassin > and now u racists too
[21:38:53] Soul Asassin > wow
[21:39:15] The Whiteness > <url=></url>
[21:39:27] Devian Chase > its street slang bruv
[21:39:36] Soul Asassin > had no idea tc was not only liars but racists now too
[21:40:09] Soul Asassin > its racist to us
[21:40:12] Devian Chase > you are forgetting thiefs
[21:40:37] Devian Chase > its not racist :p
[21:40:46] Soul Asassin > nah, thieves is reserved for clever people
[21:40:50] Devian Chase > urban dictonary the shit bro
[21:40:54] Soul Asassin > yup, you are racist
[21:41:01] Soul Asassin > u said it in local
[21:42:38] Soul Asassin > so now ur goon mentality, liars and racists. Man oh man, wut became of eve
[21:43:59] Soul Asassin > <url=showinfo:1376//96514496>The Whiteness</url> u guys blind next door that u need 2 obiovus neut alts of tc
[21:45:51] Soul Asassin > u rush off to go raids the refrigerator again
[21:51:10] Devian Chase > you are slightly angry arent you
[21:54:39] Soul Asassin > angry at wut
[21:54:50] Devian Chase > dunno man
[21:54:53] Devian Chase > you tell me
[21:54:56] Soul Asassin > ur the fat, liar here, not me
[21:55:16] Devian Chase > a happy fat liar :)
[21:55:28] Soul Asassin > b4 i forget, ur racist as well
[21:55:36] Devian Chase > you are angry and mean
[21:55:42] Soul Asassin > hahahaah
[21:55:43] Devian Chase > fat shaming is no joke bro
[21:55:53] Soul Asassin > do i look like i care
[21:56:17] Devian Chase > yes you care
[21:56:22] Devian Chase > ofc you care
[21:56:38] Devian Chase > beeing a carebear ^^
[21:56:49] Soul Asassin > another fatty liar you are
[21:56:52] Soul Asassin > racist too
[21:57:05] Devian Chase > a happy and funny fat liar :)
[21:57:17] Soul Asassin > don't forget racist
[21:57:24] Devian Chase > noo not racist
[21:57:37] Devian Chase > i'm actually slightly black ^^
[21:58:25] Soul Asassin > u were racist
[21:58:36] Soul Asassin > evidence saved
[21:59:08] Devian Chase > good for you :)
[21:59:41] Soul Asassin > pity tc is so full of dishonest racist fat liars
[22:00:12] Devian Chase > its is

2e couche:

[17:32:20] Soul Asassin > u were racist, simple as that

[17:32:39] Soul Asassin > i don't care if people call me names, i don't cry to mommy over it

[17:32:45] Devian Chase > i suppose its a american thing ..

[17:32:46] Soul Asassin > but racism i don't take at all

[17:33:22] Soul Asassin > wut, move to skaven so you can do the same there.

[17:33:24] Soul Asassin > lmao

[17:33:39] Soul Asassin > id' rather perma camp and hotdrop at every opportunity

[17:33:54] Devian Chase > hotdrop what ??

[17:33:58] Devian Chase > hahaha

[17:34:10] Devian Chase > you dont understand it do you :P

[17:34:15] Bei ArtJay > your ratting carrier devc

[17:34:15] Devian Chase > we dont live here :P

[17:34:22] Devian Chase > you can camp us all you want

[17:34:23] Devian Chase > :)

[17:34:35] Soul Asassin > ah then why u here?

[17:34:36] Bei ArtJay > fft speak for yourself this is myt second home

[17:34:41] Soul Asassin > or u just going to lie again

[17:35:38] Devian Chase >

[17:36:37] Soul Asassin > hahaha

[17:36:44] Soul Asassin > thats not what it means here

[17:36:45] Devian Chase > just a other way of saying boy :)

[17:36:57] Duilius ArtJay > Where is here?

[17:36:59] Devian Chase > lets go boys

[17:37:02] Devian Chase > lets go bois

[17:37:04] Devian Chase > all the same

[17:37:05] Soul Asassin > its classed as racism, and will probably land u in a body bag if u call someone that here

[17:37:12] Devian Chase > would the internet lie to you

[17:37:22] Duilius ArtJay > No, but TC would

[17:37:24] Duilius ArtJay > lolol

[17:37:33] Soul Asassin > there are thousands of versions of everything, its racism here

[17:37:42] Duilius ArtJay > Where is here?

[17:37:46] Devian Chase > not rly

[17:37:51] Soul Asassin > keep up the racism

[17:38:13] Devian Chase > well i suppose its a a deep southern thing

[17:38:17] Devian Chase > the swamp lands

[17:38:18] Soul Asassin > i couldn't care less what names u call me, unlike u, i don't run and cry to mommy

[17:38:37] Devian Chase > all of them waitign for the south to rise again

[17:38:38] Soul Asassin > but racism is something i don't tollerate

[17:38:45] Devian Chase > but thats so dated

[17:39:32] Soul Asassin > u guys are soooo good, you had to get peeps to help you protect your keepstar, lmao

[17:39:36] Soul Asassin > shame on u

[17:40:00] Devian Chase > ofc

[17:40:47] Soul Asassin > hahaha

[17:40:56] Devian Chase > but i think you are mistaken here .. tc isnt invading you atm

[17:40:57] Devian Chase > we qare

[17:41:02] Devian Chase > side kicks

[17:42:23] Soul Asassin > hahaha... you represent one name

[17:42:40] Soul Asassin > or have you lost your marbles too?

[17:42:59] Devian Chase > long time ago

[17:43:11] Devian Chase > its a kids game aint it

[17:43:12] Soul Asassin > ah ok

[17:43:18] Soul Asassin > lol

[17:43:26] Devian Chase > gave them to niece

[17:43:30] Soul Asassin > well, its clear now my mind games are no longer working tho

[17:43:55] Soul Asassin > im sure you knew that, but i guess i touched a nerve and someones feelings got really hurt.

[17:44:12] Soul Asassin > you guys take eve way too seriouss tbh

[17:44:39] Devian Chase > i'm not hurt ?

[17:44:47] Devian Chase > why should i be

[17:45:13] Soul Asassin > lol, u all are one, and really should lay off the nicotene and cafeine

[17:45:13] Devian Chase > and dont be like that we are all internet space ship friends here :)

[17:45:52] Soul Asassin > i got friends, i doubt u guys are friends. At least you don't show nor do you want to.

[17:46:47] Devian Chase > ofc we are ^^

[17:47:00] Soul Asassin > hahaha... yeh, and im mirs santa

[17:47:04] Soul Asassin > *mrs

[17:48:06] Devian Chase > eve is a mmo i think if you want to try hard at a game a rts . moba or shooter might be more your thing
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Les Routiers
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C'est vrai que ça crée un peu de content ces événements. Plus de monde dans l'espace, et tout.

[17:05:08] goatnad69 > Sun Sety you i really dont get why you cant be considerate and go do one of the other 3 sites here
[17:05:33] goatnad69 > why do you always have to come into site? i mean really man. you cant ever just let someone have a chance at completing a site?
[17:06:16] goatnad69 > is it just amusing to you to take sites?
[17:07:27] Les Routiers > He's really good with those sites, why should he let you have any if you're in his area?
[17:07:43] goatnad69 > lol. his area? its not his area
[17:08:21] goatnad69 > i just really dont get why people have to be so aggressive and not even be considerate.
[17:08:54] Les Routiers > Why should they? You're not in his corp or anything.
[17:08:55] goatnad69 > 3 sites in system and he warps to mine and starts doing it even though the other 2 are empty
[17:09:15] goatnad69 > so everyone should just always run around being an asshole?
[17:09:19] goatnad69 > thats your argument?
[17:09:39] goatnad69 > its just childish
[17:10:06] Les Routiers > it's a sandbox, people can be assholes if they want to. Also, he's running a ton of sites...
[17:10:06] goatnad69 > not surprised as to why more people dont play this game
[17:10:15] Les Routiers > ...warping away because some other noob is there would waste his time
[17:11:27] goatnad69 > i dont even know why i ever ask. eve has the most horrible community of any game. its always the same answers. "im a dick because i can be a dick"
[17:11:51] goatnad69 > it would just be nice to play with some reasonable adults for once.
[17:12:21] Les Routiers > join a corp
[17:12:27] goatnad69 > oh well. things are how they are. im off to play a better game.

(Sun Machin est un farmeur très efficace en Jackdaw)
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Les Routiers
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Hier soir il m'a fallu même pas 3 minutes après m'être loggé pour me faire traiter de "dick" au local
Tomas Strong
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Je me suis fait pas mal insulté depuis mardi aussi, mais la plus belle reste celle ci .
[08:13:53] Abe Lazaroth > go fuck yourself with a shovel
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[13:02:03] WarGod > Lucy Callagan !!
[13:02:06] WarGod > sign my tits!!
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Mine de sel dans 28Y9-P (Scalding Pass), chez les NAOS:
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Hahahaha je bois les larmes du petigros :nick:
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Corp de renters.
Rien de fantastique.
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Le seul truc qui manque ce serait la même chose avec des codes couleur pour savoir qui est qui.
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